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Energy Arts Teacher
Reiki Practitioner

Balance and Flow

   The practice of Energy work has been a very personal journey for me. Playing with energy and manifesting things has been something I have been good at it from a very young age. Even though I really did not have a name for it at the time, knowing what I want and putting the intention into the Universe for things to go one way or another is something that I have been intuitively practicing from early childhood. In high school I learned that Intensifying and pulling my energy into a focused point improved my presence in a crowded room. I discovered healing through touch  in my late twenties.

    All of these techniques are forms of energy arts. Do any of them sound familiar to you? These are all small parts of a larger picture. Over the years, I have learned several energy healing disciplines including Reiki, Earth magic, Dream work and Bodywork that have helped me tie everything together and understand what was happening.

    Grounding is the center of everything I do, and the foundation of my practice.  I am looking forward to working with you either as a healer or a teacher.

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