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Body-Mind-Spirit Holistic Healing Services, Wellness Education, Training for Energy Arts Practitioners, Bodywork

A healing and educational practice of Nataliya Guevich that offers a variety of services, classes, workshops and training programs. Nataliya  provides down-to-earth, easy to understand yet powerful energy and body work sessions, coaching and wellness education.

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What is Unique Healing Works?

Passion turned into a career

Unique Healing Works is a holistic healing practice of Nataliya Gurevich. Nataliya has been a full time healer, energy practitioner, Reiki Master, wellness educator and bodyworker since 2003. This company is a business expression of Nataliya's life purpose: to restore lost connections between body, mind and spirit, living and departed loved ones, ancestors and their descendants, people and the Earth.


Makakilo, Hawaii, USA


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