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Sigil Art

Sigils are Powerful Healing Tools

   This page showcases Nataliya's visual healing work: sigils and spells. Both techniques are words that express intent to achieve a goal. Sigils are condensed elements of those words, while spells are poetry-like expressions.

   The instructions on how to work with sigils and spells will be in the description of the item. In general, one wants to carry or display their sigil(s) in a way that can be often seen as a reminder of the goal of the work being done. Spell should be read out loud several times after the spell-performer meditates on the emotions that accompany receiving of the final results of the spell.

   As always, unless you are a trained and experienced energy arts practitioner, please stick to harmless positive work and avoid pushing your will onto others without their consent (yes, that applies to good intentions too).

To check out Nataliya's Sigil Art Merchandize please follow this link

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