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 VA/TriWest referrals

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How to get care

If you are a veteran eligible for VA/TriWest benefits, then you most likely have coverage for Massage Therapy. Please contact your VA physician to discuss your concerns and possibly getting a referral for care. Feel free to request me as your provider. I am listed in VA database as a community care provider under Unique Healing Works LLC or my name Nataliya Peck.

Once your referral for Massage Therapy is approved, VA will contact me and I will initiate the process of getting you set up for massage therapy. Alternatively, if you received your referral approval and I haven't had a chance to contact you yet, please fill out contact form below, text (808)673-8276 or email to let me know you have the referral.

To save time, please fill out intake forms below

I am looking forward to taking care of you.

Tel: 808-673-8276

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