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Insurance Coverage for Therapeutic Massage

Do not book insurance therapeutic massage without Initial Consultation. You will be liable for full payment.

I accept select insurance cases including No-fault accidents, Slip-n-fall and Workman's Com cases.

Acceptance is on case-by-case basis and is not guaranteed.

Please request a Free Initial Insurance Case Consultation to start the process. 

Have following details ready for the consultation:

 All insurance clients: 

  1. Prescription from your Primary Care Physician (doctor) with diagnosis in ICD-10 or ICD-11 codes 

  2. Insurance company information

  3. Case number

  4. Car accidents, Slip-n-fall and Workman's Comp clients also need:  case number, adjuster’s name and phone number and date of injury 

Why the wait?

I know it is frustrating to wait to get in for much needed care, but the reality of insurance billing is that if your provider does not collect all the required information and receives an approval from your insurance company, she will not get paid for services rendered. I appreciate your patience and understanding in this process.

Some insurances I will deny based on my past negative history with them, please understand that this is done to protect my business from not being paid and you from unexpected financial burden of paying for your therapeutic massages. Yes, if your insurance carrier refused to reimburse me in reasonable time at my regular rates you will be liable for full payments.


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