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I have always been good with animals. Birds, lizards, frogs, stray cats and dogs just come around like they know me and we enjoy spending time together. Being a healer my whole life, I never really saw a difference between doing energy work on a human vs an animal other than presence and absence of ego. Our animal cousins have life-force in them just like we do. They have stronger "gut sense" and instinctually know who is good for them and who they need to stay away from.

Energy work, especially Usui Reiki Method of Natural Healing, is a great healing tool for any living creature. Just like us, our furry, feathered, scaly or hooved family members experience stress, anxiety, aches and pains and discomfort of aging. They might need a little extra help recovering after an injury, surgery or labor. That's where I come in. I work with any animal and take a personalized approach in each case. Some pets are great with stranger and let me get close and hold them, others might get scared or aggressive, while some are too large to be brought in to my office. The beauty of Reiki is that while laying hands is the best approach, it can also be done at a distance. For example, it might be better if you hold your pet and I lay my hands on you or hover them near your pet. Or you may bring your pet in a crate and I will work on them from the near distance. Another option is to do a virtual session, as long as I can see your animal and establish a connection with them, In some cases, for example with large animals, I may travel to your location if that's the best course of action. Whichever format of healing session we choose together I will do my best to help your beloved pet heal.

Awesome "side-effect" of working with an animal is that just like with my human clients I often pick up on their energy's messages that I can relay to the owner. For example, I did distance healing on a female cat that belonged to one of my family members overseas. The cat was elderly and started showing signs of declining health, poor digestion and inability to jump up on the couch paired with acting like she was in pain if someone tried touching her lower spine. While I worked on her, I saw some worrisome lumps and a vision of this cat falling down from a great height as a kitten. I relayed my discoveries to the owner and she checked with the vet. They found cancerous tumors and arthritis in the lower spine that most probably was a result of an injury earlier in this kitty's life. We did several sessions. My feline customer was acting more herself and was able to jump on the couch with some effort. She passed away a year and change after, it was her time, but her quality of life in those last months was much improved. She had a peaceful and pain-free passing in the hands of her owner. 

Every animal is different and I rely on you to teach me how to treat yours best. Let's start with a free consultation and go from there.

Image by Yerlin Matu
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